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Strong Domestic Service Network

Comprehensive International Service Network

Integrated Flexitank Service

Supporting sales services
While providing flexitank products, we also provide supporting services such as paving, filling, logistics and transportation, and related training and guidance.

Perfect after-sales service
Provide value-added services, including insurance services, unloading services, and flexitank recycling.

Unique number: Each product has a production number when it leaves the factory, and it is a unique number, which is equivalent to an ID number.

Traceability: The production number of each product records its source of material, production personnel, production date and other root information.

Close verification: Based on the root cause information, we can effectively verify whether there are quality defects in the product or the root cause of the problem.

Establish a 24-hour emergency response mechanism

Customers can contact the full-time after-sales service manager at any time for round-the-clock service.

Arrive at the scene within 6 hours

If a major accident occurs, we will rush to the scene within 6 hours to coordinate the handling.

Service Guarantee


Quality assurance

The uniqueness of the number makes the root information of the product transparent and well-documented.


Guarantee of goods value

With product liability insurance, the maximum single compensation is US$1 million, providing customers with strong value protection.


Transportation guarantee

Provide transportation insurance services to provide safety protection and claim settlement convenience for customers’ product transportation.


Claims Protection

Quick claim settlement service after confirming the responsibility for the accident. On the premise of clarifying the responsibility for the accident, the customer will be quickly compensated for the damaged value of the goods without having to wait for a long time.

After-sales Service

System pre-sales, sales and after-sales services

From product consultation and ordering to flexitank laying, filling, logistics and transportation, additional insurance, and product unloading, LET has formed a complete and systematic service chain. This one-stop professional service not only meets the needs of Various demands during the freight process more effectively reduce the risk of cargo damage.

Door-to-door logistics services

A subsidiary company of LET is a registered and officially established first-class international freight forwarding enterprise. It has many years of experience in liquid cargo transportation. It maintains close contact with domestic port authorities, maritime bureaus, customs, and commodity inspections, and maintains close ties with many logistics companies. , long-term cooperation with large fleets is an important guarantee for LET's door-to-door logistics services.

24-hour emergency response mechanism

In response to unexpected events that may occur during product use, LET has established a 24-hour emergency response mechanism from the beginning. Relying on a strong domestic and international service network, we can solve various problems for customers in a timely and efficient manner, eliminating worries.

Confirmation of accident liability and quick claim settlement service

LET has established a speedy claims service. On the premise of clarifying the liability for the accident, LET will quickly compensate the customer for the damaged value of the goods without having to wait for a long time.

LET security shield

Trustworthy one-stop industry-wide productivity and global logistics services.

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