How to operate the container flexitank heating pad

Date:2023.12.22 Number:LET-NEW-199

Does your product require heating before discharging the flexitank? No worries, we provide heat pads for to our customers. 

The use of the heat pad is to evenly reheat the cargo before unloading. The heater pads are made to allow liquids that have a low melting

point and easily solidify when subjected to low temperatures, to be discharged using either steam or hot water as a heat source.
At low temperatures, a high-viscous product would become sticky and not at all easy to discharge, therefore when transporting at low

temperatures, we can install a heating pad to solve this problem. The heater pads are generally designed as a heating pad and are placed the

entire length and breath of the container. The heater Pad is placed below the Flexitank (Flexibag) in order to allow maximum exposure to the

heat source. The average time it takes to heat up a container of liquid is about 4-6 hours but this obviously depends on the temperature and

specific heat of the actual liquid.
Maximum heat input is 124°C and maximum pressure is 300 PSI (20 Bar)


1 Upon container arrival, open the right hand door of the container, untie the rubber hoses attached to the bulkhead, straighten

the hoses and connect one to the supply of  steam or water hose you will use.


2  Ensure that steam or water is properly discharging from the outlet hoses and slowly increase the steam or hot water pressure

into the heater pad.


3  Check the melting temperature of the product and ensure that you are not overheating the product.Once the product has been

sufficiently melted, initiated the discharge process without removing the heat source. Keep the heat source connected until 1/4 of

the product remains and then slowly begin to decrease the steam or water pressure.


4 Allow the heat pads to cool off before disconnecting all hoses and dispose of the pads once the operation is completed.

Typical products that require the use of a heating pad are: Oils, Fats, Organic Compounds and Sweeteners.

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