Qingdao LET d Flexitank Co., Ltd. participated in the formulation of China's national standard "Test Method for Rubbing Resistance of Flexible Packaging Materials"

Date:2023.08.03 Number:LET-NEW-78

Recently, the China Packaging Standardization Technical Committee initiated the formulation of a national standard for "Test Methods for Rubbing Resistance of Flexible Packaging Materials." As a benchmark enterprise in the 

container flexitank industry, Qingdao Lide Flexitank Co., Ltd. actively participated in and vigorously promoted the formulation of this standard.

Qingdao Lide Flexitank Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development, design and production of container transportation packaging containers for non-hazardous fluids for ten years. It is also committed to the 

research of new technologies, new standards and new testing methods. It has previously As the main drafter, he participated in the revision of the CRCC railway container flexitank standard.


In recent years, flexitanks have become the main packaging method for the transportation of bulk non-hazardous fluids. Flexible packaging barrier materials represented by flexitanks need to go through transportation, storage 

and other stages after packaging is completed before being used by customers. At each stage, During this stage, you may encounter external forces such as rubbing and extrusion, which will affect the physical and mechanical 

properties of the material. With the maturity of flexitank production technology, the industry has gradually begun to shift from paying too much attention to the physical and mechanical properties of materials, such as tensile 

strength, elongation at break, tear strength, and heat sealing strength, to focusing on impact strength and durability. Rubbing performance and other physical and mechanical properties. Flexitank companies at the forefront of 

technology have begun to increase the rub resistance test of flexitank membranes in recent years. However, because the American standard ASTM F392 is still used, its standards have some inapplicability for testing flexible materials. 

For example, the maximum number of rubbing times required is 2,700 times, which is too low for container flexitank membranes and is completely inapplicable. In addition, there are two requirements for the rotation angle and stroke 

of the test equipment, which leads to inconsistency in the standards; the methods for detecting leaks on the rubbed experimental samples vary greatly from one company to another, which leads to differences in the evaluation results. 

Big difference problem. When testing flexitank membranes with the same formula, different third parties or companies will often have inconsistent test results. The industry urgently needs a set of unified standards that are truly suitable 

for flexible materials, especially container flexitank membranes.

As early as 2018, our company has independently researched and customized a rub tester according to ASTM F392 standards. We chose the most stringent test angle and test stroke mentioned in the standard, and increased the number 

of rubbings to 10,000-20,000 times. The rubbing testing machine can simulate the rubbing and folding damage of the liquid bag film during production, processing, transportation, etc. etc. behavior. After the rubbing test, the standard 

rubbing resistance performance is judged by detecting the change in the number of pinholes before and after the sample or the change in barrier properties, which provides a quantitative reference for the packaging design and practical 

application of special films for liquid bags. Through a large amount of statistical analysis of rubbing test data in recent years, the analyzed data has been applied to the packaging design of container flexitanks, providing a more reliable basis

 for the safety of container flexitanks.


On the basis of the above statistical analysis and inspection standards, our company has increased investment in technological innovation and R&D, introduced the most advanced liquid bag film production and centralized feeding equipment

 in the country, and relied on the strategic cooperation and cooperation with major polyethylene raw material suppliers in the world today. With technical support and through new processes and formulas, we exclusively developed and 

produced special membranes for high-performance liquid bags. Advanced equipment technology and unique formula structure enable the high-performance liquid bag special membrane we produce to have excellent mechanical properties, 

which can simultaneously achieve high dart impact strength and rub resistance and avoid material fatigue damage caused by liquid dynamic impact. It is suitable for long-distance high-fluidity liquid transportation under cold temperatures.

 It has been verified by actual use that it has greatly reduced common accidents such as leakage and cross-layering. The use of special membranes for high-performance flexitanks continues Qingdao Lide Flexitank’s corporate purpose of

 always taking product quality as its core competitiveness, and provides the highest level of protection for the safety performance of Lide flexitank products!

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