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Wine Flexitank

Application scope:

Grape wine, fruit juice pulp, high-grade oils and sauces.


Strong corrosion resistance and convenient filling. The oxygen barrier layer of the liquid bag adopts EVOH barrier film, which can effectively reduce the oxygen transmittance, avoid oxidative deterioration of the goods, and prevent the migration of the aroma and flavor of the goods.

Advantage : Ultra-high oxygen barrier performance to ensure the quality of red wine. Lead red wine flexitank are equipped with high-quality EVOH film or aluminum-plastic film. Oxygen transmission rate (EVOH film ≤ 1cm³/(㎡*24h0.1MPa)) aluminum-plastic film ≤ 0.5cm³/(㎡*24h0.1MPa) ) to ensure that the quality of bulk red wine is not affected during storage and transportation.

Product Specifications

Constitute Description
PE inner bag Four-layer inner bag, food-grade high-strength modified polyethylene (PE) film that meets FDA and EC standards
PP outer bag One layer of outer bag, high-strength and wear-resistant polypropylene (PP) woven fabric
Valve Butterfly valve, ball valve, 3 inches, 2 inches
Accessories Two sets of special square steel for railways, baffles (imported material processing), corrugated paper, steel pipe support clamps, branch pipes, some tie ties, tapes, and warning stickers
Capacity 14,000L——24,000L
Shipping weight ≦25.5Tons
Usage environment  -20℃-——70℃
Product specifications Top loading and unloading (single valve), bottom loading and unloading (single valve), top loading and unloading (double valve)
Total weight About 100KG

Flexitank is a soft packaging container made of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) that can store and transport various non-hazardous fluids. Each set of flexitanks can be placed exactly in a 20-foot container, with a volume of 15m³-26m³. In the transportation of non-hazardous liquid materials, it can replace expensive traditional packaging such as oil tankers and iron drums. It takes about 20 minutes to install a set of flexitanks. After the installation is completed, you only need to connect the valve and the feed port to load materials. After the loading is completed, the fully loaded container can be transported on roads, railways, and freighters for medium and long distances.


Low purchase cost, high load capacity, light weight and small size of the product.

Effectively reduce costs (including packaging, barreling, storage, processing and material management costs), only need to pay one-way freight, reduce transportation costs, no cleaning costs, eliminate the risk of cross-contamination of goods.

Easy operation, reliable quality, environmentally friendly products, simplified loading and unloading procedures, reducing loading and unloading workload, and effectively improving work efficiency.

Product Advantages

Abundant supporting resources: Containers are widely distributed in railways, ports, and highway freight yards. The quantities are huge and can be called at any time. However, the number of tank containers or tank trucks is relatively small and requires deployment, leaving little room for choice.


Hygienic and pollution-free: The flexitank is a disposable product and is made of imported food-grade raw materials. It does not cause secondary pollution to the liquid contained and can effectively maintain product quality.


Convenient transportation: The use of flexitank containers for transportation facilitates the implementation of rapid intermodal transportation by road, rail, and sea, and a door-to-door one-stop transportation mode, which greatly improves transportation efficiency.


Cost savings: Disposable products save cleaning, maintenance and other costs, and greatly save manpower and financial resources during the loading and unloading process.


Compare With Similar Products

Oil drum (steel/plastic)

High procurement costs

high labor costs

Time-consuming loading and unloading

Low space utilization

And difficult post-processing


Low versatility

High procurement costs

Cumbersome cargo transfer process

Need for auxiliary equipment such as forklifts

Time-consuming loading and unloading

Standard Tank container

Not very versatile

Expensive to rent

Expensive to clean

Long to deploy

And cumbersome to transfer goods

Chemical carriers

Not very versatile

Long deployment cycle

Requires huge transportation volume

Only port to port

And difficult post-processing

Number of units

Unit capacity

Total capacity

Loading time

Unloading time

Manpower occupation

Space usage

Packing cost

Container Flexitank









Oil drum


















Choose Container Standards

Container Manufactured in strict accordance with international standards, including design, size, load-bearing, testing, identification, marking and operation requirements, etc. should all comply with international standards.
Scope of application Suitable for road and sea transport.
Container age 20-foot standard container not older than 3 years.
Appearance Exterior panels without any repairs.
Vertical groove There is a vertical groove next to the door bolt on each side of the container.
Bar lock The left and right doors of the container each have intact locks.
Label There is no mark or label with the word "danger" on the box, and it does not contain any radioactive or toxic substances that are dangerous to the human body.
Inside the container The container must be clean and dry, free of odor, and free of any debris, sharp edges, spikes, loose screws, pits, floor cracks, loose and raised floor nails, welding spots in the container or the inner surface of the container that may cause damage to the flexitank. Any obvious traces of welding repairs, etc.
Floor There should be no cross-contamination or other sources of contamination in the container or on the floor that may react with the flexitank material and leak into the liquid cargo.
Tips There is a flexitank operation instruction manual in the accessory package, which contains three parts: "Flexitank Installation Checklist", "Service Tracking Sheet" and "Flexitank Installation Process". The installation personnel are required to strictly follow the relevant contents of the instruction manual.

LET has been focusing on the research and development, design and customized production of high-end food-grade liquid bag special films. Relying on the technical support of major polyethylene raw material suppliers in the world, LET has established long-term technical and strategic cooperation relationships with them, and has many technical experts in the liquid bag and blown film industries, with an annual production capacity of 6,000 Ton. The high-end liquid bag special films produced by it are at the leading level in the industry in terms of various physical indicators (tensile strength, elongation at break, dart impact strength, thickness uniformity, rub resistance, etc.).

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