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IBC Outer Four Inner Eight Container

IBC is the abbreviation of intermediate bulk container. Paper IBC tote box is an ideal substitute for traditional iron drums and plastic IBC. It is composed of a high-strength foldable outer box, a food-grade PE lining bag and a fumigation-free wooden pallet. The packaging can be customized according to customer requirements. Customized products of 200L-950L are required. The product materials are all foldable, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, which saves customers shipping and warehousing costs.

Product Specifications

IBC Four-corner one-ton box Full production line
Length, width and height 1090*1090*1000mm
Inner diameter 1000*1000mm
Wall thickness 45mm
Volume 1000L
Weight 34KG
Valve port 2in.
Ton bags 2 tier PE membrane

Product Advantages

Easy to operate, filling and pumping efficiency is high, and can be operated by one person.


Transportation safety. The four-inside and four-outside structure and the bag body with excellent sealing properties ensure transportation safety.


The purchase cost is low, and there are no cleaning and return charges.


Diversified customization Different IBCs can be customized according to the characteristics of non-hazardous liquid products to meet customer needs.


Outstanding advantages: It can be used with liquid bags instead of iron buckets, lead buckets and plastic buckets.


LET security shield

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