High temperature flexitank laying process

Date:2023.11.22 Number:LET-NEW-188

1Clean up the container

-Check the bottom for sharp or foreign objects, wear foot covers, and wear work clothes

-Clean all the debris in the grooves in the container, and check the inner walls, corners, and floor 

of the container for pointed, hard, broken, and uneven, etc.


2Container protection

-Pull out or level sharp objects such as bumps or nails, use the inner wall of the cardboard protective 

container and the protruding part of the corrugated protective container at the corner of the cardboard 

protective container to prevent puncture of the flexitank. Clean up the large rust blocks.

-Do not retain any object debris, sharp edges, spikes, loose screws, obvious pits, obvious welding marks

 and other bad objects that may cause flexitank wear.

-Remove the rope, wire and other hard objects left in the container.


-Clean again after protection.

3Confirm the product

-Product composition: With flexitank box and accessories, door file steel bars, corrugated paper, bulkhead.


4Lay corrugated paper

-Stand the corrugated paper on the second side of the container wall, stick the upper part to the container 

wall with tape, and paste the tape between the cardboard.

-The bottom corrugated paper between the splicing, finishing the side edge of the corrugated paper and the 

container body joint compaction, to avoid dislocation and unprotected situation

-winter is cold, need to paste firmly, to avoid corrugated paper falling.


5Lay lining bags

Check for tethers in the four corners of the lining.

-The position of the tether, from the length of the rope, to the hoop at the upper corner of the container.

-The front end of the two corners do not rope, wait for the bulkhead installation. Then operate the front end 

lining corner rope

6Lay the flexitank

-Preparation and paving of the flexitank

-Check the packing box for damage, needle eyes, etc.

-Confirm products and accessories in the box:

Check the correct number of flexitank, plastic baffle, paper pipe, steel bars support clip, and accessory bag.

-About 1.4 meters away from the box door, Expand the flexitank slowly according to the crease. Remove the 

dust bag of the Automaic air vent and check whether the Automaic air vent is loose.

-Adjust the flexitank position to be parallel and center with the container.


7、Lift the valve and install the steel bars support clip

-Circle the rope around the upper valve and slowly lift the rope up to the hoop at the top of the container door.

-The steel bars support clamp is stuck in the middle position of the upper and lower steel pipes, and it is reinforced 

in turn.


8Expand the flexitank

-The flexitank with the four corners of the rope, fixed at the corner of the container, 30 cm from the bottom of the 

container, too high and easy to thread.

-The length of the flexitank was deployed and fixed by about 40cm with fiber tape or cloth tape

-The front part of the flexitank is fixed at the container door with adhesive tape.


9     Fixed valve

-Install valve baffle

-Remove the dust cover, open the handle, cover the baffle, and rotate the baffle by 90 degrees.

-The valve is passed from the bulkhead exit to avoid card and pressure flexitank. The card slot on the plastic baffle

 needs to be stuck to the card slot of the valve.

-Use through the through and tie together.

-Adjust the valve position to be in the middle of the frame.


10Upper valve sling

-After opening the upper valve, wrap the valve around a rope and pull it up slowly. The rope is fixed at the upper 

door of the container.


11Post the signs

-Close the left container door and ensure the lock rod, handle, lock, etc. operate normally and are in the correct position.

 -Confirm that the steel bars support clamp is aligned with the edge of the left container door.

-Place warning labels prominently in the left container door.

-Hang the warning triangle on the keyhole with a tie band.

-Complete paving, close the door and fill.


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