WHAT IS Bitumen flexitanks?

Date:2023.11.24 Number:LET-NEW-189

Bitumen flexitanks have become a revolutionary packaging solution that is changing the transportation of bitumen and liquid petrochemical products. 

They are suitable for non-corrosive and non-hazardous liquid products. Cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness make it a popular solution in 

the industry.

According to the number of valves, they are divided into different types such as single valve and double valve.


1 Capacity and weight efficiency

Discover the impressive specifications of Bitumen Flexitank, with capacities ranging from 14,000 to 24,000 liters, perfectly fitting into standard 20-foot 

containers. These flexitanks have the unique ability to safely hold up to 20 tons of asphalt per 20-foot container,

Ensure efficient and economical transportation.

2 Asphalt liquid bag materials

Flexitanks usually use polyethylene and polypropylene as their standard materials. These flexitanks are capable of withstanding hot liquids with temperatures

 in excess of 120 degrees Celsius. Known for its durability, the packaging solution has excellent resistance to the pressure exerted by liquids on the inner layers 

of the container.

color resistance. The materials used in flexitanks ensure the structural integrity of the tank and prevent damage during loading of molten asphalt. It helps in 

filling the flexitank with asphalt easily and without any problem in removing the asphalt.


3 Asphalt Liquid Bag Usage Guide

Before proceeding to the refinery area, the vessel walls are first insulated. This insulation step is crucial to prevent any damage to the body of the flexitank once 

filled with asphalt. Molten asphalt with a maximum temperature of 110 degrees is introduced through designated pipes.

Once the flexitank reaches its maximum net weight capacity of 20 tons, it is recommended to place it in an open-door container for a few hours. This period allows 

the molten asphalt to undergo a transition from liquid to solid state. At this stage, maintain the asphalt temperature at ambient levels and ensure the container is secure

closure. After the necessary inspections and custom sealing of the container door, the container is transferred to the ship’s deck. At the destination, a critical step is to 

place the container on a low ramp to facilitate the removal of asphalt after leaving the ship. This meticulous process ensures This ensures the effective and safe use of 

asphalt liquid bags throughout the entire transportation cycle.


4 Key considerations for using flexitanks in asphalt transportation

Given that each flexitank can store 20 tonnes of bitumen, care must be taken during filling, transport and unloading. Unplanned uninstallation must

 be strictly avoided as it has the potential to cause irreparable damage.

The loading of flexitanks involves the use of solid bitumen at room and ambient temperatures. Also, during the unloading phase, the asphalt must 

be kept at room temperature. When asphalt is unloaded, grade and temperature should be adjusted gradually to ensure smooth and damage-free operation. 

LET Bitumen flexitanks can have Effectively dissolving the innermost PE layer, these precautions are critical to maintaining the integrity of the asphalt and 

flexitank throughout the transportation cycle.


The specifications and benefits of LET Bitumen flexitanks demonstrate that flexitanks are a comprehensive and efficient asphalt transportation solution that 

solves the challenges faced by the industry in terms of durability, capacity and environmental protection. Compared with other manufacturers' flexitanks, 

LET Bitumen flexitanks have the following advantages:

*Compared with ordinary flexitanks, the material is thicker and has stronger temperature resistance. It can withstand high temperatures of 60-90°C and is 

stable and durable.

*Can be used for filling and transporting special high-temperature liquids. PE can be melted in asphalt, which does not affect product use and is economical

 and environmentally friendly.

*The same container transports flexitanks 40% more than barrels, and the packaging purchase cost is saved by 50%.

*The transportation of liquid container bags greatly simplifies and facilitates the loading and unloading operations, and can maximize the emptying of liquids.

Using flexitank means we are committed to streamlining processes, increasing environmental awareness and protecting valuable cargo throughout the journey.

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